Raising Your Kids For Success: Your Ultimate Playbook

The ultimate American Dream is giving your kids their best possible life. Teaching them to have the guts to live courageously.. and the values to build strong relationships. Tonight we're giving you the tools to put them on the road to success.

Round 1: Your Plays

- It's not a bunch of numbers. Don't judge your kids on their GPA
- Cultivate your child's passions, don't project your own passion
- Invest targeted time in your children.. turn off the blackberry!
- Teach them balance in their lives
- Give your child the gift of "want"

Round 2: Your Plays

- Let your kids know they can do anything
- Allow your children to fail
- Use different approaches for different age groups

Round 3: Your Plays

- Watch for signs that your kid is breaking down
- Don't go too far the other way to be a "slacker" parent

Round 4: Your Plays

- Combine your hobbies wih your work
- Corporate jobs are not the safe route
- It's never too late to change your job

The For Your Ultimate Playbook, our panel breaks it down for you:

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