How To Raise Successful Children

Parenting Tips from Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D., Founder & Director of the NYU Child Study Center

Parenting is the most important job that we will ever have and yet one that doesn't come with


any training. Most importantly, it takes time and attention. The more time parents spend with their children decreases the risk for unsafe activities including early sexual behavior and drug abuse. Here are 10 tips for parents to follow:

1 - Take “Time-ins” – Today’s parents are busy people but, no matter how busy it gets, aim for at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with your children everyday. Turn the TV off and play, talk, eat or read together.

2 - Listen Up – It’s easy to listen to kids who talk but you need to encourage your quiet ones, too.

3 - Check Expectations at the Door – Parents must be realistic about what to expect from their children at every age.

4 - Let Kids Make Mistakes – Everyone can grow and learn from their mistakes – especially children.

5 - Own Up to Your Goofs – Nobody is perfect. Parents should admit when they are wrong and apologize for mistakes.

6 - Say NO - While “no” is the most difficult word for a parent to say and for a child to hear, kids want their parents to set limits and expectations.

7 - Talk the Talk – Start sharing values when kids are young and still open to your message. When they begin to make their own decisions, they will reflect on what you do and say.

8 - Share Some Struggles – Parents can gain credibility when they show their children that they have to work hard for things, whether it’s saving for a house or applying for a job.

9 - Close the Door – Shield your child from adult only conflict – there are certain things that don’t need to be shared.

10 - Always Be the Parent – The parent-child relationship isn’t equal; parents give and kids get. All the time. It’s a parent’s responsibility to care for the child.

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