Asia Middleton - CEO of Fudge You!

By Asia Middleton

The Big Idea has truly inspired me as a teen entrepreneur to say FUDGE YOU! and get out on my own and be apart of this American Dream.

I’ve always baked and sold my product to friends and family but after being hit by a car over a


year ago, I realized life was too short and I decided that I wanted to be apart of Donny’s American Dream Team even sooner because life isn’t promised.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since a young age, selling fruit snack packs and frozen juice drinks at the age of nine to classmates. By 7th grade, I took my passion for baking and started selling cupcakes & brownies that I home baked. My brownies became an instant favorite and were constantly requested by not only my peers but even my teachers supported me as they anticipated one of my brownies with their morning cup of coffee.

When High School rolled around, I had a fierce desire to start saving for college. I organized my first official business, "Brownie Girl," selling brownies bites. The name “Brownie Girl” was not actually the name I gave my business but rather those who supported me as students tracked me down in the halls yelling, "Hey, Brownie Girl!" or asking, "Are you the Brownie Girl?" wanting to buy from me.

My brownies became so popular that kids in my later classes offered extra pay so that I would hold brownies for them because I would almost always run out by my later class periods. Yes, kids were putting brownies on layaway! And even better, kids were placing orders for their parents and friends outside of school.
Spring 2006 rolled around and "Brownie Girl" was a small yet big local success as mail orders were now being fulfilled and orders for platters for events like baby showers and school functions flowed in.

Unfortunately, a car hit me soon after launching my business. That never stopped me and even with a full leg cast I still managed to fulfill my brownie orders. While home resting after surgery and always watching “The Big Idea” I said, “ Fudge This, I can do this on my own”, and that’s how “FUDGE YOU!” was born.

I’m on a mission to making my road to college a lot smoother like my fudge brownies by continuing to prepare now and in hopes to pave a way to give back to other students in the future. Earnings from Fudge You! go towards my education fund as I have a deep desire to continue on to culinary school after graduation.

Donny’s “THE BIG IDEA” continues to inspire me as I look forward to expanding my business in more stores because I’m currently in 10 stores. And what’s next for my big dream is Food Network……….. Paula Dean I’m coming =)

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