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Hi Amilya,

I've caught you a few times on The Big Idea and always get inspired but never wrote 'til now.

I am a photographer and graphics designer and run a part time business and website which isn't so part time any more because I'm crazy busy as a sole proprietor! I am a web developer/graphics designer in my full time profession.

I develop customized sports composite photos that my customers love and can't get anywhere else in the area. Even though the idea isn't a new one, the service/products I deliver are uniquely my own. I've been racking my brain trying to find a way to market this idea on a larger scale. Can you give me any advice?

- Dave C from Oil City PA

Amilya's Answer:


Thank you for your email and for your support of " The Big Idea" :)

I just LOVE doing the show and I so appreciate you tuning in to watch.

If I am hearing your question correct... The only way I know of scaling a business is to get


the business away from directly making money on how many hours you put into it... anything that locks you into "one of you" and "only 24hr in a day" puts a major cap on your income stream and what kind of lifestyle you can have. So the question becomes how do you create an extension on you?

Sounds like maybe asking yourself... do you have or can your create a duplicatable process of your talent that you can then teach or franchise out that is enough of a "benefit" or WOW that other people will pay for it ? or is there some kind of device ( software and/or product) that can be created to be sold to other people/ companies like yours that could help them be more efficient in providing this kind of service?

If you can find a way to extend "you" then you have found the way to get onto a larger scale.

I hope this helps :)

- Amilya



Tonight’s show said that most people "can't find the time". Well, my issue is slightly further down the road. I have invested the time to write down my idea; do research about the product and potential demand/market for this product. But my challenge is getting to a real working prototype. You see, my product has electrical components that I can not manufacture by myself. How does one find someone to build a working prototype so that I can move to the patent stage and begin marketing?

(OK, a secondary question is Has anyone developed a "checklist" for taking a product/service from idea to reality? You know, what do I do after I have the prototype? Who do I call next??)


- CJ from St. Louis, MO

Amilya's Answer:


Thank you for your email and for watching "The Big Idea".

If I hear you are asking how do you find the talents to get from point A to Z that are outside your own talents?

Go where you would find that talent... if you are looking for an electric genius then head over to a college that has an electrical engineering class/department..... find the professor and see if he/ she can recommend a bright ambitious student...... better yet, see if the professor can take your "problem" and turn it into a class project (case study) to solve.

If you are savvy with the computer then post on Craig's list for what you are looking for ( bright electrical guru to help with a prototype ) and specify that this is a commission only or for differed future payment after you get the item into the market.

Lastly..... if the first 2 don’t work then reach out to SCORE or other programs that are made up of retired executives in your area. You will find a wealth of talent and information in these groups that can help you find the resources and knowledge you are needing.

Hope this helps you get your mind flowing with options. Anytime your stuck on a problem... just change the perspective you are looking or coming at it from :)

Have a great week!



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