John Assaraf & Murray Smith: The Must Do's

The Answer to accessing unlimited abundance begins with your brain. Mega successful entrepreneurs, John Assaraf and Murray Smith have built 17 multimillion dollar companies in the last 25 years, and they have helped thousands of small-business owners achieve financial freedom. Here, Assaraf and Smith share their “must-do’s” for success:

John Assaraf:


1. Everything is energy—atoms are made of energy—understand this and you will be successful.

2. Thought creates everything; it’s the most powerful force in the universe. Take control of your thoughts to manifest your dream business.Your mind is not rigid—you can change your thought process to attract success. You can override your genetic programming to facilitate your success in life and business.

3. Your mind is controlled by neural pathways and you have the ability to rewire your brain from the inside out, to pave the way for your dream business.

4. Rewire your brain using the Neural Reconditioning Process™ by visualizing your goals, meditating, using positive affirmations and staying connected.

5. Use your strengths. We’re all born with unique abilities, so stop wasting time fixing your weaknesses, and instead use your time reinforcing your strengths. Your journey will be so much more enjoyable when you focus on what you love to do. One of the biggest secrets there is to being successful in business, and one of the most commonly ignored, is this: Find people who play at those things that are work for you.

Murray Smith:


1. You are your most precious resource. The way that you optimize your time and your level of involvement with your company is directly related to the success of your business.

2. Serving more customers is not nearly as critical to your success as serving the right customers. Identify your ideal customer and you’ll soon find you are working less and earning more, a lot more!

3. Marketing and Sales are the keys to building revenue. Invest in learning these skills or hiring experts in these fields to take your business forward.

4. Learn the difference between psychographics and demographics when identifying your ideal client. Then combine it with this marketing formula: Grab, engage, inform and offer. This powerful combination will take your marketing campaigns to new heights and dramatically increase their effectiveness.

5. Continually innovate your business to keep your customers coming back. When you know your customer’s hot buttons, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and then you will not only meet the expectations of the customer, you will exceed their expectations. Extraordinary is mandatory!

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About The Authors

John Assaraf
is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur. The author of Having It All and a contributor to The Secret, he has appeared on Larry King Live and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and on ABC, CBS and NBC programs worldwide. Over the last twenty years, he has built four multimillion-dollar companies. He lives in San Diego, California.

Murray Smith is a business expert and consultant who has launched or revived 14 highly successful businesses and helped thousands of other business owners increase revenues, profits and value. With John Assaraf, he is cofounder of OneCoach, the world’s fastest-growing provider of small-business coaching services. He lives in San Diego, California.