Mel Robbins - Changing Your Life is Easier Than You Think

Life is a like riding in a taxi. Sitting at a light going nowhere or traveling 50 miles an hour – it’s all the same - the meter is still running. Your meter is running. So what are you gonna


do? And, more importantly, what have you been waiting for?

Changing your life is easier than you think, and I know exactly how you do it.

I’ve changed my own career 6 times in 14 years. I went from being a public defender in Manhattan; to a corporate litigation attorney; to a dot-com executive; to a life coach; to an executive coach; to a radio show host and founder of a media company partnering on products with Borders Books, Kaplan and experts around the country. And along the way I figured out how to have 3 kids, stay married (to another entrepreneur), pay the mortgage and remember to feed the dog. You can too.

With each change – I ignored the critics, tuned into my gut and built on the skills I developed in the last gig. Hell, I’m in the middle of another change myself. For the past year, I was on Sirius Satellite Radio with a daily call-in show and just 4 weeks ago – I launched my show into nation syndication on terrestrial radio. It’s been a big change, fraught with technology changes, scheduling disasters and a whole host of people who warned, “you’re not ready, Mel.” The fact is, I am ready. I’m ready because I said I am – and if you are contemplating a change, then you are ready too.

I would love to help you make that change. No joke.

Just send me an email to Think of it as a free strategic brainstorming session with swift kick in the ass and many laughs along the way. My radio show is called

Make It Happen – you can find out more about it at Take a listen – the show streams live everyday on Borders Book’s website at

Don’t just sit there. The meter is running. Do something – do anything. Remember when you were a kid and you’d scamper up a tree without realizing you’d gone too high (and forced yourself to figure out how the hell to save yourself!). It’s time you get yourself in a jam again. A good one.

Send me an email – and you’ll be shocked where it leads….