Real-time quotes ... are you happy?

Hey, most of you were very supportive of our new real-time quotes from Nasdaq ...

I have great appreciation and congratulate on your effort to provide free real time quotes. It's time! -- Murali

Great idea! It's a start - Cuts down leaving your website to go elsewhere to get a realtime quote. -- Judy

Others questioned my knowledge of chocolate ...

You might want to look into what defines "chocolate." Many purists say that chocolate must contain cocoa butter, while some others would replace this with cheaper substitutes fats. Interestingly, many purists will also pointedly note that "white chocolate," of which the primary ingredient is cocoa butter, is not chocolate at all. Go figure. -- David

And others took me to task for tangling with my buds over at Yahoo ....

It's wonderful to brag on your new service, but to do it at Yahoo's expense is in poor taste. As far as I can see you have a long way to go to get to where they are. But please keep trying! -- Roger

All too true Roger. We'll indeed keep trying.