Risking To Win: Your Ultimate Playbook

For most people, RISK is a dirty word. Something terrifying and unknown. But here on the Big Idea.. "Playing it safe" are the dirty words. Especially now, when times are tough and your instincts tell you to pull back. Risk is what powers SUCCESS... And embracing smart risk is the savvy move... even when everyone around you may be playing it safe. Click ahead for tonight's playbook to success!

Round 1: Your Plays
- Go with your intuition
- Look for opportunity in hard times
- Research the possibilities to increase chance of success
- Determine your personal risk profile

Round 2: Your Plays
- Stay in the moment..worry about everything else later
- Take leveraged risks
- Don't punish people for taking risks
- Play into the cautious mindset of people in tough economic times

Round 3: Your Plays
- Determine your risk quotient (RQ) at our website
- Surround yourself with "reality buddies"
- Mitigate the risks