4-Star Stock Picks for Wednesday

A scuffed-up shoe company and a shining entertainment giant are unlikely companions in the good graces of John Buckingham, the chief portfolio manager of Al Frank Asset Management.

His four-star fund has earned an average of more than 15 percent per year for the last five years.


On the top of his list is trendy footwear maker Crocs.

"This is a stock down from 75 to single digits, because their earnings have fallen off a cliff, but they're still expected to earn $1.60 to $1.70 a share this year," he told CNBC. "Valuation-wise...Crocs is an excellent, undervalued stock, trading at six times earnings."

He admits the credibility of the company's management has been badly damaged -- but points out that international sales have recently risen as much as 80 percent.

Buckingham also likes the Walt Disney Company.

Disney is now trading around 15 times earnings; they continue to beat expectations, and last quarter they had fantastic numbers," he said.

"Here's a company that is the premier media play out there...gas prices are so high, it's kept a lot of people at home, and the weak dollar has brought a lot of people to the theme parks here in the U.S."


Disclosure information for John Buckingham was not immediately available.