Bank Stocks You Can Bank On

Bernie McGinn thinks it's time for the investor to make a deposit in some selected bank stocks. The founder of McGinn Investment Management thinks the subprime crisis has now run its course.

"The subprime story has now been around almost a full year, giving people and companies time to adjust their exposure and to adjust their valuations on securities, and I think that to a certain extent, companies have started to overcompensate for their exposure to subprime," he told CNBC.


"In the financials, I think there's a buying opportunity at AIG," McGinn said. "That's a company that has been sort of pummeled of late, because of management issues."

He also likes Bank of America.

"Bank of America represents a pretty good buy right here," he said. "It's a tremendous franchise; it's the number one in deposits, it's number one in credit-card balances, it will be number one in mortgages."

Also on his shopping list are Home Depot and FordMotor.




Disclosure information for Bernie McGinn was not immediately available.