A Potpourri of Thoughts For Your Wednesday

Garnett’s 2008-09 adidas Team Signature Commander shoe
Garnett’s 2008-09 adidas Team Signature Commander shoe

We'll start with some NBA collectibles news. Adidas is making a special Kevin Garnett NBA Finals edition of his shoes. It's available to the public--sort of. In a super limited edition play, Adidas is making eight shoes per game played and the shoe, should you be able to get your hands on a pair, cost $1,017. The shoe has the Larry O'Brien Trophy and will indicate what game the shoes were made for.

Fans who can't pick up the shoes, might want to try buying a game-worn jersey. The league is putting up for auction all jerseys from Game 1 and Game 3 on NBA.com. The Game 1 auction will run from June 5 to June 24 and the Game 3 auction will run from June 10 to June 26.

In other news...The decision by the Supreme Court to let stand an appeal court's opinion that names when tied to stats are not subject to copyright, should clear up the way for Nike and Under Armour to continue to use the names of high school athletes and eligible NCAA athletes who take part in their combines. As long as those names are solely tied to their combine scores and don't use likenesses, the NCAA and the schools can't do anything about it. Here's to hoping it leads to the rise of more services that cater to fantasy college football and basketball. Fantasy College Football, which I play, is hands down the hardest fantasy game to play due to the sheer number of choices and the great amount of uncertainty surrounding many players.

And finally....we'll conclude with a subject near and dear to my heart--sports films.

Sure, there have been an aggregate of sports films termed a festival before (one just happened at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan), but kudos to A guy named Stephan Hartman, who works in private equity, who dreamed to bring together sports films old and new at a relevant place--Lake Placid, N.Y., the site of the 1980 winter games.

U.S. Sports Film Festival
U.S. Sports Film Festival

They'll announce theU.S. Sports Film Festivalto the world tonight--it will fittingly take place in August (Aug. 14 to 17th) during the Olympics--with the creation of a U.S. Sports Film Hall of Fame. They'll honor veteran Olympic documentarian and filmmaker Bud Greenspan and former Philadelphia Eagles player Vince Papale. Papale's story was chronicled in the movie "Invinceable" at a reception in New York tonight.

The festival won't just be a bunch of screens and seats, they'll show "Miracle" in the actual hockey rink where the famous game against the Soviets took place, with many from that Olympic hockey team in attendance.

And sponsorship guru Ben Sturner of Leverage Agencyhas firmly sold the event to corporate sponsors including IZOD For Men Fragrance, Powerade, Budweiser, Remy Martin and Halcyon Jets, among others.

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