Fast Money University - Deep Breath Trade


Welcome to Fast Money University. This is where the traders talk about the issues influencing the market and how they trade as a result.

The topics are wide ranging but all share one common theme. They all stem from questions you want answered. Go ahead and take some notes. We won't tell!

#6 - Fast Money University: Deep Breath Trade

Syllabus: What should be your exit strategy in a high risk high reward trade?

Recent Lessons:

#5 Fast Money University: Steel

Syllabus: With global buildout getting more attention from investors, what's the best way to play steel.

#4 - Fast Money University: Best Long Term ETF

Syllabus: What’s the most promising ETF for a long-term investment?


#3 - Fast Money University: Natural Disasters

Syllabus: Is it possible to trade major disasters such as an earthquake or a cyclone?


> #2 Dinnertime Trades

Syllabus: Which stocks, if any, are a smart play on dining out?


> #1 Mutual Funds Vs. ETFs
Syllabus: When should you buy a mutual fund over an ETF

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