Web Sites That Help You To Live The Green Life

Thiru Murugan

Today Discovery's launches its Planet Green eco-tainment cable channel, and the number of eco-friendly products on the market makes it clear that Green is H-O-T.

National Geographic launched "Green Guide," its first service magazine, targeting (you guessed it) green living. And of course CNBC's parent NBC Universal has its "Green is Universal" campaign.

Vanity Fair's "Green Issue" every year always features the biz's biggest celebrities--so it's safe you'll know that Hollywood has a significant impact in making my carbon footprint top of mind. And being based in LA I'm particularly conscious about my environmental impact. You're forced to spend so much time in your car staring at all the other people alone in their cars (I drive a Prius) and the weather is good enough for you to enjoy nature year-round.

I'm continually impressed by the range of websites on eco-friendly stuff. I like treehugger.com,and fabgreen.comhas great stuff on green style.

Now I'm blown away by a new online calculator that measures the "carbon footprint" of anything, so you can find out how much that inter-continental flight damaged the environment. Check out www.amee.cc.

I found out about this service through Dopplr, a site that enables frequent travelers to connect in wahtever city they happen to be in--it lets your friends know where you are. This link, www.dopplr.com/traveller/me/carbon, helps you figure out the impact of your travel schedule. For the truly committed, the next step is buying a credit to offset your emissions, which of course you can also do online.

Speaking of Hollywood, I always wonder how those celebrities that tout their environmental friendliness justify travelling ONLY on private jets, which are quite the gas guzzlers. I hope they're buying emissions to avoid--gasp--being hypocritical.

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