Got Growth?

Declining commodities prices, which we saw today, are a typical red flag for investors. They signal a slowing economy. Usually that's when Wall Street looks to the tech sector to make up for the lack of growth, hence today's rally in the sector. But times have changed, Cramer told viewers during Wednesday's show, and now there's a better place to put your money.

Old technology is being replaced by the new, or "new tech," as Cramer's been calling it. Forget about the Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packards of the world for now. More money will be made in new tech, the companies bringing innovation to where we need it most, such as energy conservation and manufacturing.

Don't believe him? Just compare Caterpillar and Intel. Both have 12% long-term growth rates, but CAT's number is accelerating while Intel's is decelerating. Not to mention, Caterpillar's steadily growing its business overseas. Intel's only performing well because its closest competitor, Advanced Micro Devices, is imploding.

Today's pop in tech prices was just a "counter-trend rally," Cramer said. Use the opportunity to sell your old tech names into strength. Then take that money to buy some of his favorite new-tech names, such as Caterpillar, Eaton, Parker Hannifin and Sociedad Quimica .

A note about oil prices: Cramer said take some profits on oil stocks when the price per barrel rose past $130. He was sure of an inevitable pullback. Now, as a part of that trade, he's recommending investors buy again once prices dip below $120.

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