NBA Finals: The Media Exchange That Won't See Light Of Day

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce

I am at the NBA Finals in Boston, getting ready for Game 1 tomorrow night.

Nothing new comes out of press conferences here. The only reason I really pay attention to what is said is because I'm always waiting--and this happens more with the NBA--for the uncomfortable foreigner interaction.

That happened today with Paul Pierce. After two questions about the Finals, this exchange takes place. I'm sharing it with you because it's funny and wouldn't normally see the light of day.

Question: I'm from Brazil and we are covering also the Brazilian national soccer team playing against Venezuela. I heard you were a great soccer fan. Do you appreciate any soccer players, Brazilians?

Pierce: I got into soccer because of Kevin.

Question: The name of your kid?

Pierce: No, I got into soccer because of Kevin Garnett. Before I wasn't too much into soccer, but because of him, I followed it a little bit. We had a chance to meet some of the players when we went over in London--or actually in Rome--and I had a chance to meet the Chelsea team over the summer.

Question: A Brazilian player, is there one you appreciate?

Pierce: I don't really know names. I'm still learning. Come on, this is The Finals.

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