More on Real-Time Quotes

Wow, the email is still piling in about our new real time quotes from Nasdaq ...

Great news, great idea, great job -- Mike

I love the real-time quotes! Thank you so much. -- Davina

But there's some questions coming along as well. I'll try to answer a few ...

Is it available on phones and Blackberries?

Yes, just use the quote feature.

How about charts?

Real time is not available on the charts. However, you can go to a tick by tick chart by hitting the stream button.

What about other quotes, like NYSE stocks?

We're working on that. There's technical things involved. Stay tuned.

Reader Grant called about not being able to see the real time numbers on our quote pages. Turns out he was using Firefox with some blocking plug-ins that interfered with rendering. You might want to watch for that.

You can get more info on our Help Page as well.