Einhorn Weighs In on Lehman, Recent Media Attention

David Einhorn, hedge fund manager of Greenlight Capital, has been making waves recently, eagerly sharing his thoughts on the financial trouble facing Lehman Brothers.

Although some critics have accused Einhorn of attempting to drive Lehman's stock into the ground and stirring up a media buzz to promote the release of his book, others are eager to hear what he has to say.

Einhorn visited CNBC's Squawk Box to give his opinion on Lehman's future and to defend his moment in the media spotlight.

Deliberate Discrepancies?

"If the numbers are changing after (Lehman) reported them in the conference call, and they're different in the 10-Q... The conference call happened after the quarter ended. So the question really is: why did the values change, and what values changed, and what does that imply for the internal controls of the company?"

- David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital

It's Quality Information

"No one's going to listen to David Einhorn because I'm David Einhorn. People are only going to listen to me if I say something that's sensible. If I say something that they think is not sensible, they'll probably do the opposite... So I don't think anybody does anything because it's David Einhorn who's saying it. It's because of the quality of what is said."

- David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital

Media Frenzy

"I think it's good for investors to talk about stocks. I think it helps the market as a general matter... They should analyze the SEC filings. They should do their research. They should talk among themselves. I think it's fine for them to give speeches. I think it's fine to come on television... I think there's some resentment, evident in The New York Times storyyesterday, that investors shouldn't talk about stocks, or they shouldn't say certain things about certain stocks."

- David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital