Mad Mail: Cramer Vs. Buffett?

Cramer: I'm pleased that you visited those serving in the U.S. Navy on board the U.S.S. Truman. Were you allowed to go back to the area of the nuclear propulsion systems? You would have likely seen a number of "Ship's Service Turbine Generators." These large pieces of machinery are the source of the thousands of kilowatts needed in nearly every part of that vessel. The device that controls each turbine's speed is a device made by Woodward Governor. --Darrell, U.S. Navy Veteran

Cramer says: “That was the one area that I did not get to visit. My bad. WGOV remains one of our favorite names – absolute favorite names because it also has a wind turbine business.”


Greetings, Jim!: I entered CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. I have a portfolio called "Buffett Buys." Then I made a list of what you have in your charitable trust, and named this portfolio "Cramer's Creamery," meaning cream of the crop. Every time I have checked it, "Cramer's Creamery" has done better than "Buffett Buys." Jim, you deserve to be at the same table as the Big B! --Tay

Cramer says: “Thanks, Tay. [ columnist] Doug Kass has been saying that you should be shorting Warren Buffettand Berkshire Hathaway . I don’t short the great one.”


Hi Cramer: I am writing on behalf of my fiancé. He is a naval officer currently deployed overseas. Andrew normally watches your show faithfully every day - and now that he is deployed...he can't. Is there any way to purchase your weekly tapings, so that I can send them over to him? I know they won't be completely current - but your show is a big piece of home to him and I'd like to send you over to him. --Cindy

Cramer says: First of all, I would like to thank your fiance for serving. I keep talking about this, but I had the honor of spending some time on the Harry S. Truman this week, and I was just humbled by everyone I met in the Navy. I have great respect for your husband and what he does. I've got a few options for Andrew to get his daily dose of me - he can head to iTunes and download the Lightning Round each day, or you can head to - which has an amazing recap of what we do on the show each day. Another idea is to give our great DVDs - Back to Basics 1 and 2. And that you can get from the CNBC Store. Please thank Andrew for serving.)

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