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These organizations are advocates for the different energy industries: they promote industry interests, educate the public and hold events where businesses, employees and the public can interact.

The trade groups listed below cover many different areas in the energy industry, from geothermal energy companies to oil-exporting countries to solar energy companies. Take a look at some of the organizations and the work they do:


American Gas Association
Represents over 200 companies that distribute natural gas to customers throughout the United States. The trade association says that 92 percent of natural gas customers get their gas from an American Gas Association member.

American Petroleum Institute
The national trade association represents and speaks for over 400 corporate members in the oil industry from producers to refiners to suppliers.

American Wind Energy Association
Represents the wind energy industry including developers, equipment suppliers and parts manufacturers. The national trade association promotes wind energy as a clean alternative for electricity.

Geothermal Energy Association
This trade organization represents and is an advocate for a group of companies that support the use of geothermal energy.

International Energy Agency
Created in 1974, the agency works with 27 countries to provide affordable energy for their citizens. The IEA also has available statistics on every country’s oil market and energy sectors.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Promotes renewable energy and sustainable living in the Midwestern states, primarily ethanol-based biofuel production. The organization also hosts an annual Energy Fair every summer to educate consumers on energy efficiency.

National Hydrogen Association
Representing some 100 members ranging from businesses to universities, the association has been providing information and data on developing hydrogen technologies for energy use since 1989.

NorCal Solar Energy Association
Founded in 1975, this organization promotes solar energy solutions and keeps track of solar businesses in Northern California. It also offer tips on how homeowners can switch to solar energy.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
This regional organization is made up of engineers, activists and architects with a mission to promote clean electricity, green transportation and energy-efficient buildings.

Nuclear Industry Association
This trade association represents over 130 companies in the nuclear industry that are based in the United Kingdom.

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Also known as OPEC, this organization is composed of thirteen oil-exporting countries and is thus one of the most important trade groups in the world. OPEC has regular meetings to set oil production levels, which have a major impact on world prices.

Solar Energy Industries Association
Created to support the solar energy industry, members of this national trade association represent members from every sector of the industry, including distributors and manufacturers.

Western Energy Institute
This regional association serves electric and gas companies in the western United States and Canada in educating its members.