Reader Mail: Of Scary Words and Big Ideas

Time to clean out the mail bag again.

Words and terms

Some of you agreed with my lament about certain terms scaring readersaway from important stories.

We don't want to be alerted to the problem until it's REALLY big! Just kidding. -- Kelley

But others brought up the age old complaint of media fanning the flames of panic and distress.

Maybe its not words like LIBOR that readers don't like instead its words like CRISIS that make an article unnoteworthy. People are tired of the media's "chicken little" attitude, always inventing the next "CRISIS" and splashing it all over the headlines. CNBC has gotten to the point of being ridiculous when CNBC Market coverage for a week straight headlined "America's Oil Crisis". Enough already! -- Lori

With gas hitting over $4 a gallon, I kinda think "crisis" is appropriate, but I can see where the complaint is coming from.

Time Zones

Please consider displaying UTC (GMT) in your data as local EST or other is confusing -- PM from Sydney

For the time being we'll stick with the home clock.

Executive Duck

My post about the Cadbury guy dodging questions got some interest too.

Boy, this guy should be fired immediately. How could any investor/shareholder have any confidence in someone like this? He was ridiculous! ... It's pretty basic stuff. -- Paul

If CEO's are going to eat up on air time, they need to be willing to respond to questions and not just use the time as a photo op. -- Duke

Bright and Shiny

And finally some folks had some interesting suggestions about what's cool and what's a waste of resources on a financial site. And of course a few tried to prove they were clever.

"In the Internet space, a lot of the cool stuff can easily become a bright and shiny waste of effort." Just like this article..... -- Roger

I hope Roger is very proud.

Anyway, those of you who sent in serious suggestions, thanks. And for those of you who suggested real-time quotes ... hey, we did that.

Taking a day off so have a great weekend!