Silvia's Blog ... Trichet's Bunnies


Not an ENTIRELY serious blog about the ECB, monetary policy and Eurozone rate prospects. Correction - and entirely UNserious blog in vague connection with the ECB and no connection with monetary policy at all. Although .... you never know.

And - sorry, no juicy tales about playgirl of the month being introduced to spice up ECB monthly reports either ....Nor any risqué revelations about the private life of our ECB President. - REALLY ..... tsssssssss


No, when I say "Trichet's bunnies" I am NOT talking about the two-legged variety posing as well-known trademark for an equally well-known magazine. I am talking about the four-legged furry variety: the true bunny rabbit. Long ears, fluffy tail ...

Now she's really lost it, you say? - Bear with me. Let me "rabbit" on a bit ... Sorry - irresistible, albeit cheesy pun!


This morning, as I once again ambled through the park outside the ECB's headquarters here in Frankfurt, on my way to our first LIVE broadcast on this ECB decision day, I saw them again, merrily hopping about - Trichet´s bunnies. (See photographic evidence throughout this blog.)

The little park is always swarming with them at the wee hours of the day and, more often than not, they are the only LIVE audience we have for those early morning broadcasts, when y'all sit in your office or maybe still at home with your first cuppa coffee and one of our anchors in London hands over to me with something along the lines of "...and now over to Frankfurt, where our very own Silvia Wadhwa is on the ground outside the ECB monitoring the situation."


Well, now you know. And monitoring our very own Silvia Wadhwa are, as ever, "Trichet's bunnies."

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