Game Plan: How to Survive a 400-Point Down Day

We’ve been here before. This isn’t the first time the Dow’s tumbled hundreds of points in a day. Certainly not given the events of the past nine months. But if you let that scare you out of the game, you missed some great opportunities. Cramer spent Friday urging viewers not to make that mistake.

Cramer’s not trying to make light of a 395-point drop in the stock market’s major index. No doubt a near $11 spike in oil is cause for concern. But the message on Mad Money has forever been that there’s always a bull market somewhere – even on days like today.

Need proof? Just look at the major sell-off we had during the first week in March. To counter the bad action, Cramer recommended four stocks – General Cable , Chemed , First Solar and Akamai – that had recently reported great quarters. Four weeks later, his picks were up an average of 16% – triple the S&P 500’s performance over the same period.

Investors should put that same strategy to work to help themselves recover from today's steep losses. Look for the companies that have just reported strong quarters. These stocks would have been up today had the market not taken such a turn for the worse. More importantly, they will most likely be the first stocks to bounce back. Here are four Cramer said he liked the most:

Wal-Mart : The tighter the family bank account gets, the more business this discount retailer sees. Hence the strong May same-store sales number reported Friday. The company beat earnings expectations by a penny on May 13, and overseas revenue continues to grow. After falling 2.3% today, WMT is trading just about where it was before that quarterly report. Cramer called that a great opportunity.

Brown-Forman : Brown-Forman announced a 17% upside surprise in earnings Thursday, thanks in part to strong international sales. Cramer said this rest-of-world focus should continue to push the stock higher. Granted BF dipped 1.5% today, but the stock’s still up 7.1% since before the quarter. If the tragedy that was today’s market never happened, Brown Forman could have gone even higher.

Copart : Salvaging cars must be a great business, because Copart beat estimates by 4 cents, or 8%, when it reported after the bell Tuesday. The stock’s down 1.7% today, but up 6% since before the report. Copart’s expanding, with plans to open 10 to 15 new locations in North America over the next year, the company’s taking market share and steel prices are up. Cramer said this stock isn't done yet.

Integra Lifesciences : This maker of surgical implants and medical devices wowed the Street with a 22% upside surprise when it reported Wednesday. The stock, down 10 cents today, has barely moved since. Cramer doesn’t expect that to last for long.

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