More Emails On Lockheed, The Tanker And Being Nice

Your emails continue to pour in on comments by Lockheed Martin's CEO that the tanker winby Northrop Grumman/EADS is proof the U.S. bidding process is more open and less protectionist.

From Rodney L:
"It would be great to have open competition in ideal free markets. A European tanker fronted by an American company is fine as long as the competition is run fair and square, and we get the best deal. We'll see what the GAO has to say in a few days, but from all appearances the Air Force rigged this one. Harsh accusation, but why wouldn't they? the AF has an ax to grind from being let down a few years ago over the Boeing tanker lease deal that went sour..."

From Jim D:
"Your comments on the tanker business deal are absurd. Learn something about global business if you are going to take a paycheck for your comments."

From Darrell T:
"Lockheed has always been able to get the contracts bids but never come anywhere near price bid. Remember the C5A & F22. They're a strong winner of the contract but poor performers...Boeing was the only viable contractor and should have been picked. The Air Force will have fun with this one!!!!"

From Stu B:
"Did Boeing send a memo out to their employees with all of these messages?"

From Thu L:
"Does Lockheed work with Mr. McCain or his campaign manager?"

From Bob C:
"Well if you look at the record I think that you will find just about every contractor protesting a selection at one time or another. It is a right offered them by our defense procurement system. The issue with Boeing is how they made the 'protest' political under the subterfuge of 'it’s bad for America' – or was it just embarrassing for Boeing after their arrogant attitude with the customer and in the press...I’ll bet the selection of the Northrop Grumman/EADS team would be ok with Boeing if Lockheed was the loser..."

Dave C refers to Lockheed Martin winning the troubled Presidential helicopter deal by partnering with AgustaWestland:
"Lockheed as a front man to an Italian job on U.S. taxpayers is the perfect example of allowing foreign defense contractors to falsely portray cost savings on defense contracts only to double costs and cut requirements in the late delivery of defense products in the fleecing of American taxpayers. This is exactly what is happening with Airbus and the false criteria of the Tanker contract award too!"


From Ed L:
"Jane, I wonder what the people from Iowa would think if they met Fake Jane...."

From my friend Jason J:
"I have had the pleasure to meet you several times and I have to say that you are more than nice. This is not a CA guying talking, I am a good old boy from Montana. On the flip side, that Fake Jane, she can work on her manners a bit…"

(NOTE FROM FAKE JANE: I prefer to stay 1,000 miles away from the source of my pork. I like to think that the meat I buy in the store magically appeared there. And I'm not sure I could get my weekly chai tea colonic in Des Moines...)

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