Stock Picks With a Foreign Flavor

Gary Anderson thinks investors should look beyond America's borders for their stock-market winnings. His five-star UMB Scout International Fund is up an average of 19.4 percent per year over the last three years and has even posted a gain during this troubled year.

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"We like Novo Nordisk for several reasons," he said. "It's a very sound play in a time that we like to be defensive in the market; it has 53 percent of the world market for insulin, and it has just this year overtaken Eli Lilly as the lead distributor of insulin in the United States."

He also likes United Overseas Bank.

"United Overseas Bank is an interesting play at a time when banks are kind of a four-letter word around the world," he said. "We think of banks as a leveraged play on the economy; UOB does two-thirds of its business in the Singapore economy...they stayed away from the subprime toxic paper."

Web Extra:

Anderson also offered a bonus selection for

It's Brazilian oil giant Petrobras , one of the few oil companies currently expanding its reserves.


He owns shares of United Overseas Bank personally and owns shares of Novo Nordisk, United Overseas Bank and Petrobras through his fund.