Playing Health Care? Try Info Tech

Todd Weller of Stifel Nicolaus says there's a big opportunity for investors in companies that provide information technology to giant health-care firms.

"Health care is one of the biggest industries that has yet to fully implement technology," Weller told CNBC. "They've underinvested, and certainly, it's a big industry, immensely inefficient; there's a tremendous amount of pressures on the sector that are only going to persist."

So where should a wise investor look?


"Our best trade now is Eclipsys," he said. "They are a provider of hospital-focused solutions, and we think that this is one of the best fundamental stories if you look at the group over the last 12 months."

He also likes Allscripts.

"Great play on physician electronic medical record adoption," he said. "Stock way oversold, too negative, I think Allscripts has meaningful upside."

Also on his list are Quality Systems and Cerner.


Weller's firm makes a market in shares of Eclipsys, Allscripts, Quality Systems, and Cerner.