Big Brown And The Ad FedEx Should Run

UPS has had quite a run thanks to Big Brown. And I give the company kudos for taking the horse that was named after their brand and going all out with sponsorship: sponsoring jockey Kent Desormeaux and plastering Belmont with its signage.

But if I'm controlling sports marketing at Federal Express , their chief rival, I would have been more than giddy on Saturday. I would have had an ad ready for today's USA Today marking the end of the run.

Now, I wouldn't have any rights to run a photo of the horse, but everyone would know what I was talking about.

With the help of our great graphic artist Florence Z., the image here is how I dream the ad would look.

Darren Rovell's Big Brown dream advertisement
Darren Rovell's Big Brown dream advertisement

Sure, people could find this somewhat offensive. That I'm not being a good sport. But the bottom line is that FedEx as a brand didn't get the exposure here and an ad like this would generate so much buzz. In today's marketing world--where I believe very little is sticking--being aggressive like this can pay off.

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