Mad Mail: Is the Future Dark for First Solar?

Booyah from the Buckeye state!: On Friday’s show you talked about the large amount of stock that First Solar’s CEO sold. I am new to the game (thank you!) but have learned to watch for things such as this…The thing that concerns me more, though, is that the company recently announced that its cells that are made of cadmium-telluride may be banned in Europe due to the toxicity of the material. Europe brings in 90% of First Solar's revenue…Am I wrong to be thinking of this as the larger problem? --Josh

Cramer says: I don’t think anything will come of the toxicity issue, but I do worry about the amount of insider selling that’s going on in First Solar. That level of selling was so furious that I now have to walk away from FSLR. No company with such aggressive insider selling will ever get my stamp of approval.


Booyah Jimmy C!: With the price of gas rising faster than a hot summer day in St. Louis, I wanted to know if there is a way to play the scooter market? I recently heard that scooter stores in California are selling out of inventory fast. I'm sure this trend will soon catch on across the country if gas gets to the predicted $6 mark. --Brian

Cramer says: There are no pure plays, but I would keep an eye on Harley Davidson. I won’t recommend it yet, but I’m definitely watching it.

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