Missing the Ron Paul Element

Tonight CNBC will be airing a special "Your Money, Your Vote" program focusing on the economic stance of the two presidential candidates.

It's important and definitive coverage. But frankly, I miss Ron Paul. (Update: Readers Respond)

Sure, he's still technically in the race, but pragmatically, he's out. It's a two-pony race now (although we'll no doubt see all the typical fringe candidates who appear on a presidential ballot). His supporters are still active, but need to figure out their future.

Ron Paul has serious passion. He also has some interesting ideas. Critics have described some as off-the-wall. Regardless, what I like is that he has some serious Internet troops. I faced their wrath last fall when they staged a grassroots siege on one of our Web site polls after a candidate's debate.

The Ron Paul faithful took issue with my decision to take down the poll. Our political correspondent was ticked off too. As with any conflict, I kind of thought it was a pain. But you know what? It was a good pain. The argument was philosophical, passionate, and relevant. I've had many more disagreements that were far less intriguing.

We'll have a poll along with tonight's special coverage too. But I don't expect to have any issues around it. The candidates don't seem to have the same Internet savvy campaign ... other than the occasional spam.