Lightning Round: Apple, Starbucks, Coach and More

Monsanto : “I’m concerned.” Monsanto’s already had a good run, so Cramer recommended waiting for a pullback before buying this stock. If oil drops below $130 a barrel, MON should trade down to the $120s, he said. “Why don’t you wait for that.”

Freeport-McMoRan : “I like FCX. I would stay long [in] it.”

Sony : “Not a great stock. Not a bad stock. I would put it in the ‘don’t buy’ camp.”

Canadian Solar : Cramer would rather see investors in wind-power or natural-gas stocks if they want to invest in the energy sector.

Coach : “I do not like retail…wait until it goes lower.” Costco under $70 is a better play, Cramer said.

SanDisk : “I don’t like commodity technology plays.”

Apple : Cramer has said before that holders of Apple stock should have been selling their position piecemeal up until yesterday’s new 3G iPhone announcement. Only a quarter of that position should be left now. Let that run, he said.

Starbucks : SBUX might reach $25 in another 18 months, but “I would not buy the stock” right now, Cramer said.

Brunswick : Cramer said he loves Brunswick’s management, but this is not the environment to own this stock.

Jim's charitable trust owns Freeport-McMoRan.

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