Growing Your Profits With Ag & Commodities

CNBC asked the market experts where investors should be putting their money, and here are some of their best suggestions.

Investing in Hot Commodities

“We think the best bets are in the commodity names, so our favorite ideas right now would be FirstEnergy , NRG and Dynegy .

Paul Fremont, Jefferies & Co.

Growing Your Profits With Ag Plays

"We're finding Brazilian aggregators...we're finding Russian aggregators like...Black Earth Farming, but for the U.S. investors who wants to find something closer to home, I would definitely point people towards Deere...They're definitely a company that's going to benefit from the global demand for their high-tech agricultural machinery, as people try to find a way to raise their yield."

David Riedel, Riedel Research President

Riedel also likes: Uralkali

Diversifying Your Portfolio

[On Johnson & Johnson] "They've finally integrated the Pfizer consumer-health acquisition...faster than we expected, so we believe that the performance will actually accelerate...J&J is so strong that we think there is something major on tap for them; not quite sure what, but they have the horsepower to do it."

Robert Zagunis, Jensen Investment Management Co-Portfolio Manager

Zagunis also likes: Wells Fargo and Automatic Data Processing