UFC's Dana White on Big Announcement

Dana White
Dana White

I just interviewed Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White who talked to us about a variety of topics, including the unveiling of a line of fighter action figures.

But many UFC fans tuned in to see if White was going to use our platform to make the big announcement he said told ESPN The Magazine's Ryan Hockensmith he would make.

Since White uttered those words, rumors have been floating around the Web. White would not reveal what the announcement was, but denied all three of these rumors:

Recently retired boxer Floyd Mayweather is about to sign a UFC contract.

The UFC is about to enter a partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE would become a minority partner and take over sales and marketing.

The announcement will be about a new television deal with either Fox or ABC/ESPN.

White also denied that the UFC was about to go public any time soon, a rumor that started getting some traction after the UFC put news of White's interview with CNBC on its web site.

For the full interview, see the video clip.

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