Missing Ron Paul: Readers Respond

Reports that Ron Paul is not a contender in the presidential race anymore are greatly exaggerated ... at least in the eyes of his supporters.

Some agree, with a note of regret, that he's out of the race ...

Yes, I miss Ron Paul too- but you can fill that void by asking relevant questions of the two remaining candidates and refusing to let go of their ankles until they provide a realistic response. -- Rusty

I love and MISS RON PAUL!!!! -- Mo

Ron Paul is the only candidate who would (or even could) discuss the effect that the Fed and the fractional reserve banking system have on individual and aggregate economic outcomes. Basically, leaving this out of the public policy conversation is like trying to play golf with no clubs or balls . . . you have a nice walk in the park and can admire your surroundings, but that's about it. -- TheBullhorn

Others say it ain't over till it's over ...

If you are trying to create some kind of closure on the Ron Paul campaign go right ahead. But try and close the message behind the candidate and you will find yourself facing an army of people who are joining a rapidly growing Revolution of pissed off patriots who are aiming to do some serious political damage to the globalist Establishment in Washington, D.C. -- Todd in Sacramento

Once you've had a taste of freedom, you don't go back to being a slave. Income taxes and the military draft are just two of the countless ways government says to us, "we own you". We obey, for the most part, to avoid punishment. But freedom will have its day again. -- Dwight

The fact of the matter is that the presidential candidate will be decided at the convention in St Paul. McCain is running on barely 24% of Republican approval, and Dr. Paul, although not announced by any media sources, is generating an even bigger support group than was ever imagined. -- David

Dr. Paul's message is unusual in politics today. Complete honesty about what is going on. Whether you agree with him or not, we are active and serious about fixing our country. Texas state GOP convention will be the place to be this Thursday-Saturday. -- TJ

Of course, there was some media bashing ...

What cracks me up is the typical tagline of "He also has some interesting ideas. Critics have described some as off-the-wall." His interesting, off-the-wall, ideas all come right out of that interesting off-the-wall document we as Americans used to respect. Thanks again for marginalizing the founding fathers, our heritage, and most importantly the CONSTITUTION. -- Darren

I'd miss him more if he were gone. Maybe you'd notice him still around if you weren't so biased. -- Josh

There was little debate, and mostly just childish attacks on Dr. Paul by the media during those events and it made me so sad to think that the media determines who will be on the ballot, not the American people. -- Earl

I am so fed up with the media not pushing what "WE THE PEOPLE" want in this country.The congress and media are controlled by the big money people,as always.They are pushing all to the breaking point.We need to take it back.The people are very angry and nobody is listening. -- John

And my favorite in the reasoned rebuttal category ...

Blow it out your a**, you corporate lapdog -- Frosty