Mad Mail: What About C-Suite Flight at Ingersoll?

Booyah Jim: Thank you for the great new tech segments. You recommended Ingersoll-Rand on Friday, two days after their CEO left the company. In your book, you say that it is normally a red flag when an officer leaves a company. Did you factor this event into your thesis on IR? --Dave

Cramer says: It was the CFO and I didn’t factor it in, but I would still buy IR aggressively here.


Dear Jim: You asked on your show last night if someone could explain the “I drink your milkshake” clip from There Will Be Blood. I can explain it with an example of how China is drinking our milkshake right now…In the movie, the main character wanted to get more oil from a property. However, he explained that he no longer needed that property because he drank the oil of the properties around him and that oil came with it because he did slant drilling. This is exactly what is going on between Cuba and Florida…China is drinking our milkshake, and we are just asking if they want fries with that. --Tim

Cramer says: "I like your attitude."


Dear Cramer: I want to thank you for…saving my life and sanity since day one of Mad Money…I rang the register on stocks that I was up on…Hence, I had extra cash in my account to buy good stocks that were on sale Friday…So on a terrible day, I was only down peanuts for what could have been a disaster if I had not been Cramer trained. I just want to personally say thank you because I am not boohoo-yah-ing. --A faithful Cramerican, Nelcha

P.S. Regina, when will you let Mad Money come to Sacramento State University?

Cramer says: Thanks for the kind words. I don’t just do the show for my health, I do it for reasons like this!

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