See What People Are Saying About... Speculators Gone Wild


There's definitely no inventory shortage -- when it comes to Fast Money viewer opinions over the rampant speculation in commodities, particularly crude.

Rick from Florida puts it succinctly, "Why are 'gas' and 'distillate' inventories INCREASING while crude oil inventories are DECREASING over several weeks?"

Fast Money fan Shannon in North Carolina offers a regulatory suggestion to curtail the out-of-control speculation: "make a restriction that traders must maintain the capacity to take delivery and show proof of that."

And Miller Tabak strategist Tony Crescenzi's prediction on Tuesday's show of a possible 500-point rebound next week continues to be met with doubt. Fast Money viewer Frank reminds us that consumer buying power has all but been killed by high energy prices and so Q2 earnings "will not be rosy."

Today's poll: Goldman -- is a big writedown in the Wall Street giant's near future?

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