Helping a Reader Get a Grip on Her Money


Anyone and everyone who’s looked at a women’s magazine—or even a men’s glossy—in the past 40 years, (or watched a daytime talk show) knows about our cultural obsession with makeovers.

I teamed up with SELF magazine recently to go beyond the usual makeover (“You look great! OK.. Buh-bye..”) and instead guide a reader along through the day-to-day process of getting a grip on her money and therefore lead her closer to making her life goals and dreams come true.

We shouldn’t ‘dream’ of money like it’s going to solve all our problems, having more of it that is, but as money stress is cited year after year as the number one concern on American minds, getting a grip on your money—no matter how little or how much you have—can absolutely head you down the road toward your dreams.

Check out my back and forth with Amy Dudley, a 24-year-old in public affairs, as she takes the journey of taking control of her money and taking control of her life and let me know what tips you have for her on the road to her dreams…

>>SELF: Make your dreams come true, starting today!

Why don't you also ask her to jot down her income (can also add potential income). I think it can help her to manage money better because she will know, "this is what I earn, this is what I need to pay". Like an account, debit, credit. Maybe in future she will try to reduce her bills and try to increase her income (whatever, ask her to use her creativity). Jot down everyday expenses, it can help to increase her consciousness when it come to spending, and ask her spend 10 minutes before sleep to see it and plan for tomorrow. And don't forget to suggest few books about financial literacy - it will help to open her mind about money, increase knowledge and while you are still with her, she can discuss with you what is the best way for her. --Sheikh, Malaysia

Posted on: 12 Jun 2008 7:58 P.M.