What Pros Like: Stock Picks for a Rocky Market

Stocks had a rocky afternoon as the market lost all its initial gains, then rebounded right before the close. Here's what some of the pros were recommending for investors.

Consider Bond Insurers

"You have Ambacand MBIA, which have lost their AAA ratings. Assured Guaranty has its AAA rating, so in the future, as deals get done... [it] now is going to have a lot more market share going forward."

- Matthew Kaufler, Touchstone Value Opportunities

Energize Your Portfolio

"There's plenty of opportunity now. We continue to like energy, and that includes companies like Arch Coaland Swift Energy... and the internet software group has done very, very well: Look at Oracle; look at Sybase. BMC [Software] also looks interesting.

- Barry Ritholtz, Fusion IQ

Outlook on Lehman

"We think Lehman, while significant, is probably more company-specific and a crisis of confidence with management than a significant change in fundamentals."

- David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors