U.S. Open Logo: I Just Love It

2008 U.S. Open Torry Pines
2008 U.S. Open Torry Pines

I'm live at the U.S. Open in Torrey Pines in California today and I have to tell you, I absolutely love the logo the USGA came up with for this tournament.

If this doesn't shatter merchandise records for a U.S. Open, I'd be shocked. The pine tree with the water and the sun is just so well done.

Out of all the championships, I'd say both U.S. Opens (golf and tennis) are more reliant on logo design than any other championship.

Why? Because the same players play in it every year.

That makes it different from wanting to buy a Final Four T-shirt or a World Series cap because your team is in it.

If you go once to a U.S. Open in your life, you're going to get something, but it's pretty hard to get me to buy anything. I've seen it all. And I just did $242 in damage for family and friends.

There is of course a downside to the merchandise of both U.S. Opens. You can't get anything of individual players. The fact that you can't buy a shirt with Tiger or Phil on it is really a shame. In the best interest of the sport, I will continue to advocate that golfers and tennis players sign a group licensing agreement like the athletes in all of the team sports so that companies can use the images of the athletes. I know the average person coming here doesn't want a cheap T-shirt with Tiger's face on it, but that doesn't mean nobody wants it.

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