CNBC Top Videos of the Day

The markets seesawed amid mixed economic and financial news on Thursday, and CNBC had all the underlying stories for its viewers.

Lehman's Execs Out

“A lot of uncertainty, Bob. Even more than that, it was no secret in the last couple weeks they [Lehman Brothers] were doing corporate repurchase so they were effectively saying, hey—they were telling the street effectively—hey, there is no problem—hey things are ok. We’ve got our brain—we’ve got a handle on this situation. Then they announced they need financing—ok—that’s all right. Now they come and here they say hey we’re getting rid of these personnel. That’s not good… There’s just too much uncertainty in this story… They have this credibility issue.”

- Gordon Charlop, Rosenblatt Securities

Microsoft Ends Yahoo Bid

"Their price was $33 and now they’re saying they don’t even want to own it [Yahoo] for $33. So, you really have to wonder what’s going on at Microsoft. I think they come away, really with a bloody nose, as a result of all this.”

- Matthew Karnitschnig, The Wall Street Journal reporter

Speculator Crackdown

"The index funds are only a small portion of the problem. The people who are running the funds are laying off their risk on NYMEX or agricultural exchanges. And there, those big banks are putting up six, seven, three percent depending on the contract.”

- Michael Greenberg, University of Maryland law professor

Industry Flight Plan

“Actually the merger [Delta Air Lines/ Northwest Airlines]makes even more sense because when you think about what you have to do to be able to combat high fuel prices, putting together a combination of two airlines where you can generate an excess of a billion dollars in benefits is pretty important. And, I think what the higher price of fuel does is just sharpen your pencil.”

- Richard Anderson, Delta Air Lines CEO

Maria's Market Message

“Exxon Mobilannouncing it is exiting the retail gasoline business, saying it will sell its 820 company-owned stations. That’s because of falling profit margins in the industry.”

- Maria Bartiromo, Closing Bell anchor