Disneyland's Mr. Potato Head: Four Parts Make Up The Whole


So for those of you concerned about the fate of Mr. Potato Head, you're not alone. As you may recall, Disneyland was mailing him out to reporters, one piece at a time, as a promotion for its new Toy Story attraction opening next week. Fun, yet somehow reminiscent of the Mob.

First, we received the ears. Then an arm. Then the eyes. Then the mouth. Then...nothing. Nothing since May 30th.

Was he ok? Did my online comments about all the packaging going to the landfill cost me the rest of him? Just looking at him there in four small pieces reminded me of being four years old again and constantly losing Potato Head Parts (PHP) like so many potato chips.

We finally called the Magic Kingdom. No worries. Mr. PH is fine. Apparently four parts was the plan all along. "You have to come to event to get the full potato head," we were told.

I may have to go just to gather him up and make him a whole potato.

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