More Coming from the Real Time Front

Okay I would like to share some more good news for you stockaholics. Our real-time Nasdaq quotes were so popular with many of you, we decided to turn on the NYSE quotes as well. Now you will get up to the second trading data on blue chip stocks like AT&T, General Motors, and General Electric (my corporate overlord) along with the real-time quotes we're giving on Nasdaq stocks like Microsoft and Google.

Now this added NYSE real-time data comes through Nasdaq as well. We figured, since we were already getting the Nasdaq quotes through that exchange, we may as well give you the data on NYSE stocks traded through Nasdaq as well. Since Nasdaq is handling a substantial number of trades for NYSE based stocks, the quotes from the Nasdaq track pretty closely with quotes from the NYSE. And of course the quotes from the NYSE are available, on a delayed basis, as well. We're just trying to give you the best information available. As always, we may be making added tweaks down the road.