Brigham & Linn Explained

Thursday night two different callers stumped Cramer during his segment on Range Resources. The stocks in question? Brigham Exploration and Linn Energy. In typical fashion, he promised to do some research and report back on what he found. Here it is.

Linn Energy is the opposite of Range and the other wildcatters Cramer highlighted this week. This oil driller prefers its wells in mature, easy-to-reach areas, and Linn likes to pass on its profits to shareholders through dividends. LINE pays out 10.6%, in fact. If that’s what you’re looking for from your investments, then Cramer recommended this stock for you.

Brigham Exploration requires a bit of caution, though, Cramer said. The company’s science focused, employing a 3-D seismic geotechnical imaging tool to drill for oil and gas. But as high-tech as that sounds, Brigham hasn’t been all that successful in its execution. The competition has been pulling more oil out of its wells than has Brigham. Plus, BEXP is up 100% year-to-date. So as much as Cramer said he likes this company’s approach to drilling, he said to at least wait for a pullback before you buy this stock.

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