Game Six: Was It Definitely Tuesday?

NBA Image Woes
NBA Image Woes

I'd like to start off by saying that I don't think the NBA in any way ever rigged any of its game and I don't think any official, besides Tim Donaghy, did anything to willingly change the outcome of a game. That being said, the perception is certainly there.

Ad Age reported that a YouGovPolimetrix Omnibus survey of 907 revealed that 37 percent of people believed that the NBA "somewhat or very likely alters the outcome of its games" and that 29 percent of those polled thought that the NBA played some role in this year's Finals matchup.

So was the rotating sign by the floor at last night's Lakers-Celtics game out of line?

For those of you who missed it, it said "Game Six Tuesday."

I looked at it maybe 30 times each time it passed. And I never saw an asterisk, and I never saw any sort of small disclaimer — like an "If necessary" in very small font. Perhaps I missed it, but if I missed it others did.

Before Donaghy, I never would have noticed this sign. It's probably paid for by ABC and I'm sure there was nothing to its approval. But with the perception that the NBA is controlling games (again, I think that's a joke), I'm thinking having an ad on the court that reminds people that Game Six is Tuesday while the Celtics are trying to clinch it all in Game Five might not be the best thing for the league.

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