Energy Stocks: Electrify Your Portfolio

What stocks can provide energy for your portfolio? How about energy stocks? Steve Weeple is head of U.S. equities for Standard Life Investments, and he has some helpful suggestions about where to find the most energetic equities.

"We think there's a lot of energy left in energy," he told CNBC. "The commodity we're most excited about is electricity...we think there's under-investment still in that sector, and we think that prices still have to move higher in new generation capacity."

So where should investors plug in their portfolios?


"We would be primarily buying generators," he said. "Stocks like Dynegyand Reliant (Resources) , who have assets in the ground already."

He sees other promising corners of the sector as well.

"The other thing we like in electricity is the fact that regulators and utilities are trying to put more intelligence into the grid," he said. "Right now, we're just not using the electricity grids as efficiently as we could."

That's where he finds Itron and Comverge, which make meters to help customers measure their energy use more precisely.


Neither Weeple nor his firm own shares of, or have banking relationships with, any of the above-listed firms.