Blowing Smoke on the Cigars

Some of you have noted ... I like cigars.

Love the photo. It takes "guts" these days to be seen with a cigar. -- Bob

Thanks Bob. Indeed, one of the more ridiculous stories I spied today was about doctors upset with a cigar chomping general in the latest version of "The Incredible Hulk." Bad example for kids, etc.

Sure, I get we should protect kids. But we can over-protect too. It's all about striking a balance. And c'mon. It's a movie about a big green monster. I'd be more worried about kids thinking turning green and throwing a tantrum will make them "super."

Yes, cigars are bad for you. But I figure it's better than the two packs of cigarettes I used to do daily in my earlier years ... like all the elder reporters in the newsroom. So I enjoy the reward.

For those who asked ... it's a Cuvee Blanc churchill.