Mad Mail: Addressing the Oil Crisis

Dear Jim: Your appearance on “Morning Joe” today was fantastic! Your comments were all about common sense solutions concerning the world’s oil crisis…solutions that many in our country refuse to acknowledge as viable. --Dale

Cramer says: The U.S. has the best drilling technology in the world but we won’t use it in our own country! We’ve become elitist by not taking advantage of our own superior technology.


Dear Jim: I listened to the 1Q 2008 review for RAM Energy Resources and I was curious as to why you would recommend them with $351 million in debt? I can see how their growth would be enormous with the expansion of their West Virginia and Barnett Shale rigs and their 188% growth in 1Q sales. However, their financials seem like they have too much debt. Am I missing something? --Roy

Cramer says: I like RAM because it’s drilling like crazy. If it has to take on some debt to do that, so be it.


Dear Jim: Thank you for showing the Father's Day segment with Tim Russert last Friday. I hadn't seen it. The mark of a man and his life is not what he did, but who he was. Tim Russert was the ultimate example of that. I hope his family knows all of us are thinking of them. --Linda

Cramer says: I did what Tim would have liked and spent some time with my dad this weekend watching the game. It’s the way it should be.


A "quacking" Oregon duck booyah!: My wife and I have been homegaming for four months. Help, we are in the house of pain with Precision Castparts . Can a slight pullback in aerospace cause this kind of price erosion? --Tom & Martha

Cramer says: Yes, it can, but I want you to stick with PCP because it’s a great company.


Dear Jim: Booyah to y'all from southern L A (Lower Alabama). One of the top 10 needs of humanity is education. I feel that old technology could be the answer to world education. The combination of wireless communication and Internet capable wireless phones should be a winning team to get knowledge out to the world. What do you think? --Chip

Cramer says: I was going to recommend DeVry and I might circle back to it.


Dear Mr. Cramer: Thank you for the great (stock) insight you provide. FYI, Jack Daniels is NOT bourbon. Read the label. "Jack" is Tennessee sipping whiskey. 100% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky, by definition. Bardstown, Kentucky forgives you. --Bryan

Cramer says: I must be a lot more sober than I used to be. I used to know things like this.

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