Fertilizer Stocks: Room To Grow

Stocks of companies that make fertilizers and other agriculture-related chemical products have been thriving, even now. But chemicals analyst Michael Judd of Greenwich Consultants thinks they've still got room to grow.

"They are still buys," he told CNBC. "We think that the earnings are going to be excellent for these companies in the second quarter, and we think you should own them going into earnings."


"We like all the fertilizer stocks," he said. "In particular, we like the ones that have the potash exposure, and that includes Mosaic, Potash, and Agrium."

How about the giant of the industry?

"We do like Monsanto a lot," he said. "Monsanto...is not only a good near-term buy, but also a great long-term holding."


Neither Judd, his family, nor his firm owns or has any banking relationship with any of the above companies.