Stock Picks: Solar Energy, Multinationals & More

CNBC asked the market experts for their best stock picks now. Here's a sampling of their suggestions.

Betting on Solar Energy

"JA Solar and Yingli Green both have terrific management teams; they've executed extraordinarily well; they've got good access to polysilicon...

"As prices stay high, that helps them; as they come down, they'll be able to cut price to compete against some of the other, big-name companies, and still keep their margins high."

Gerald Jordan, Jordan Opportunity Fund Portfolio Manager

Jordan also likes: Schlumberger and Weatherford International



Looking for Growth Overseas

“A company like McDonald's for example, a company like IGT , which has U.S. revenues, they’re U.S. companies, but they have a strong, strong global presence, and a huge expansion plan…They [IGT] are going to take advantage of what’s happening in terms of the expansion of gaming around the world. McDonald’s has huge expansion plans in China.”

Michael Yoshikami, YCMNET Advisors