Monday Golf Ratings Reach A 30-Year High


NBC's coverage of the 18 hole U.S. Open playoff, which lasted from 2-4:45 pm. ET yesterday drew a 7.6 overnight rating from Nielsen. That's the best rating for Monday golf since the 1978 Phoenix Open, according to The Sports Business Daily.

I know we don't have Monday golf often, but that's an amazing stat. For what it's worth, the winner of that tournament was Miller Barber, who won $40,000. Calculating that in today's dollars, Barber picked up a $135,000 check. Woods' winner check? Exactly 10 times more at $1,350,000.

Barber's career earnings were $649,189.

Here's a breakdown of how much Woods made for the tournament:

Per Round: $270,000
Per Hole: $14,835
Per Stroke: $3,770