Mad Mail: Mickey D's as Play on Olympics?

Jim: I subscribe to three financial magazines and I've noticed that recently they have become increasingly critical of you and your show. I believe these publications are feeling threatened, as you are challenging their common wisdom, on their bread and butter advice (i.e. buy and hold). Believe me Jim, we Cramerica faithful know the difference between trading and investing. In this tough market environment, your advice is exactly what we need. --Tim

Cramer says: “Thank you. I have no comment, really, on whether they’re critical of me. I will say this – We have the smartest audience on TV. And if they’re critical of me, they’re critical of the smartest audience on TV.”


Hi Jim: I am looking at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and I was thinking of a play on the games…apart from Focus Media which I have been hearing about on the show. I was thinking about buying some McDonald's stock, but I heard the Chinese prefer noodle soups to fast food. What's your take? --Rohan

Cramer says: “I’m not recommending any Chinese stocks, including Focus Media, which missed the quarter. No Chinese stocks at all! The only one that I think has been a really good stock for us over there is YUM! I do believe that YUM! is going to continue to have a good year, in large part because of China.”


Dear Jim: A big Kansas City, barbecue stained, booyah to you! If anyone has any doubt about wind power not being a part of our future in our current energy crisis, then they need to lookup the town of Rock Port, Missouri. This town has installed four wind turbines to create energy. This small example is proof that wind power is expanding and the potential for future growth is huge. --Jim

Cramer says: “Wind is going to be the story of 2009. I continue to recommend a multitude of wind powers.”


Boo-yah Jim: The vast majority of the world's oceans have not been explored deeply. Much of the world's oil might be hidden somewhere in the depths of Davy Jones's Locker. I know Transocean is a good play on this idea, but since you've been focusing on wildcatters…where are the wildcatters that drill for oil in the ocean? --Dave

Cramer says: “It’s too expensive, Dave. There are none.” Devon is the closest investors will get to wildcatter ocean drilling.

Jim's charitable trust owns McDonald's

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