Entertainment Execs on Oil Prices, Movies & More

Entertainment executives shared insights on soaring oil prices, industry growth and more with CNBC on Tuesday.

Loews CEO on Oil Prices

“I believe the world is just beginning to adjust to this price shock. And, it takes time for that adjustment to take place. But, in March miles driven was down four percent. Lord knows what it’s down in April and May… And, I think that’s going to happen, not only in the United States but worldwide. I think demand destruction will lead to lower prices. I’m not calling for $50 oil, but it could easily go back to $100.”

- James Tisch, Loews president & CEO

Toy Story Ride Opens

"We found that using technology to make the experience better it just a great thing. It's part of our culture. Walt did it back in the '50s and '60s and we continue to do it today. Bringing people to new experiences, getting into a game while they're riding an attraction also tends to be a great combination... interacting with the characters. When you have a great story and great characters and you can use cutting-edge technology it typically works really well. And, that's what Toy Story mania is all about."

- Robert Iger, Disney CEO

To Disneyland and Beyond

“First of all, we always love to make great movies. It always starts with a great movie. And, it really touches audiences. And, people want to be with those characters again… The secret is we never want to repeat ourselves. We love making movies for ourselves. We love making movies that touch people’s hearts.”

- John Lasseter, Pixar senior creative officer